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Seminars and Conventions

Marie Sherwood is available to speak at Conventions, in addition to working with your organization to set up a seminar.

  • MassHOPE Conference; Boston, MA 2007
  • Shalom Camp, SK 2007
  • BCCHEC Conference; Kelowna, BC 2006-2010
  • RVHEA Conference; Ottawa, ON 2007
  • NBHEA Conference; Fredericton, NB 2007
  • Camp Attach; Texas, 2008
  • Radical Attachment Camp; SK, 2009
  • FASD Conference; Calgary, AB Feb 2010
  • Equine Camp; Eagle, Colorado, May 2010
  • Horse and At-Risk Youth Symposium; Asherville, North Carolina, June 2010
  • Camp Radical; Bryan, Ohio, June 2010
  • Saskatchewan Adoption Support Centre; Saskatoon, SK, June 2010
  • Radical Attachment Camp; SK, 2010
Seminar Topics available are:
  • Attachment and Bonding for the Traumatized Child
  • What Trauma does to a Child's Brain
  • Setting your Circle of Support (foster parents and adoptive parents)
  • My Child has an ASD Diagnosis, Now What?
  • Working with Traumatized Children and Youth (Respite and Group Home Workers)
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Long Faces and Happy Hearts is located between Yorkton and Melville, SK
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