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Each Program is Tailored to the Individual Child

Our ranch uses Curly Horses and Welsh ponies. We find these two breeds are both sensitive and calm enough to help ASD children, at risk youth, and children that want to learn how to ride. Please see the side bar for each individual program.

Each of our programs start with an assessment of what the child or youth needs. This is followed by an introduction to our colorful herd. Please see the sidebar for a link to meet each of our horses. Many families need the introduction to horses before they own one, some are looking to lease a horse in order to compete in a number of different disciplines, while others need the services provided through equine facilitated psychotherapy.

Summer Camp!

Looking for something different for your behaviorally challenged child? A summer plan that includes some productivity and learning along with fun? Check out the pamphlet for our RADical Attachment Camp!

History of the organization

Long Faces and Happy Hearts Equestrain Centre was birthed out of a vision to help at risk children. The founder, Marie Sherwood, had a turbulant childhood that was stablized by her relationship with horses. Her personal experience of what horses can do for a young girl stayed with her.

Marie is a Family Counsellor who is working toward becoming a registered psychologist. Each summer she directs a family camp. Please see www.AttachmentCamp.com for more information.

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Long Faces and Happy Hearts is located between Yorkton and Melville, SK
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