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Equine At-Risk Youth Program

This program is set up with community organizations that would like to have their youth involved in an Equine Assisted Learning program. The organizations pay a yearly fee which covers membership for their youth.

What is required to participate in this program?

Program participants must meet behavioural and academic application objectives set by their organization's program each week in order to participate. The youth work two hours for every one hour of lessons. This teaches them work ethics and provides them with more time on the ranch experiencing caring for an animal. This work includes cleaning stalls and equipment, grooming horses, assisting in medication and horse hygiene activities, assisting in trimming, and grounds maintenance.

These are some of the basic equine goals of the program:

  • EAL Activities accomplished
  • Vaulting
  • Riding Lessons: CHA Level I
  • Trail Riding

Basic socioeducational goals:

According to Langer (1990) youth need to become attached to experiences, feel understood, feel safe, feel physically strong, and empathize with and help those in need. Our program is set up to accomplish each of these tasks.

Each youth needs:

  • Rubber boots
  • Work gloves

There is also an opportunity for youth to help in our Equine ASD program once the youth has acquired certain skills. When youth help in the program, they are able to use these hours toward earning their EAL lessons.

Organizations interested in membership are encouraged to email Marie Sherwood at Marie@LongFacesHappyHearts.com for details.

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