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Equine Facilitated Mental Health

EFMH is a form of counseling that uses the horse as co-therapist. Many clients that have been resistant to "talk therapy" find this type of counseling works for them. One of the reasons why EFMH has been so successful with clients that have suffered trauma is because the declarative (explicit) memory of clients is seriously affected from a neurobiological standpoint (van der Kolk, 1994). In laymen terms this means that people who have suffered an emotional trauma often times do not have access to the words associated with what they have suffered. Some clients might want to discuss the event, but simply cannot put feelings into words. In these cases, an experiential approach to therapy is necessary.

Animals have an innate perception about what humans need, and a special ability to provide for that need, or to lead humans in the direction they need to go to acquire that need. Horses especially have perceptional attitudes of empathy, kindness, perception and connectedness.

Marie works with child, youth, and adults who suffer from attachment, trauma, ASD, FASD, and are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


Looking for something different for your behaviorally challenged child? A summer plan that includes some productivity and learning along with fun? Check out the pamphlet for our RADical Attachment Camp!

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