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ASD Equine Assisted Development

This Equine Assisted Development Program has been specifically designed for ASD children and is based on the ABA theories, in addition to the Pivotal Response Treatment.

Program Components

Long Faces and Happy Hearts Equestrian Centre provides an ASD Equine Assisted Development Program which is one-on-one lessons, heavy family involvement, love as the major ingredient, the use of specific methods developed for children that have been diagnosed with ASD.

Some of the areas that we address first are:

Regulation: The very first thing for the instructor to address with a rider with autism spectrum disorder is whether the child is having trouble regulating. The most common signs of the lack of regulation are: total inattention, running all around the area, echolalia, repeating words over and over, being over-reactive to touch and sounds, self-stimulation, preservation (lining up objects repeatedly), refusal to cooperate, saying no to everything asked, shouting, and throwing articles. Children who are having trouble regulating often rely on repetitive behaviors and self-stimulation to cope with their environments.

Safety Vest: If parents wish to help their children to regulate, we can discuss a safety vest that creates trunk pressure. It is not for control or punishment, but to open the door to learning.

What will my child be doing in the lesson?

Your child will learn to:

  • lead their pony
  • groom their pony
  • tack up their pony
  • how to mount their pony
  • will learn rhythm and balance in order to help them develop targeted parts of their brain
  • learn two-point and three-point riding for balance and brain development

Each skill that is learned is done so in relationship with the parent.

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